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Dojo History

DSC_4038Tristan Bell: Sensei Tristan Bell has been training in the Martial Arts for twenty years and started when he was only eight years old. His focus has been on traditional Goju-Ryu Karate-do and Kobudo but has also included Ju-Jitsu and Tai Chi. He has a fourth degree black belt with his Honbu Dojo and has also graded with the Kai-Shin Association. Over his twenty years of training Sensei Bell has attended seminars with some of the most influential people in Canadian Martial Arts from Sensei Guest to Sensei Tsuruoka. He has been training with Sensei Wayne Arsenault for twenty years and been teaching for fifteen years. He has taught students from every conceivable background and age group there is. For him there is no better way to test what you know then to teach and as such teaching others has become his passion. He looks forward to twenty more years in the Martial Arts.



DSC_4044Wayne Arsenault: Wayne Arsenault was born in New Brunswick but has lived in three different Canadian Provinces as well as the United States. His interest in Martial Arts started in his late teens and he has now been in the Martial Arts for fourty five years. He has trained with the most influential Martial Artist in North America, from Don Warner and Peter Urban to Richard Kim. He has operated his own full time club for over twenty five years and has trained in Boxing, Kick Boxing, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Kobudo and Tai-Chi but has spent most of his four decades in Martial Arts training in the art of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do. He has competed and won in international tournaments, graded with five organizations but enjoys the freedom of running an independent club and has done so for the last fifteen years of his clubs twenty five year life. His club is in Mississauga.