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Great Advice, Prepping For The Month

Published on February 3, 2014, by in Blog, News.


I hope everyone’s weekend was great. The new month is here so get ready for Valentines Day. Plan your special night with some one close so you don’t break any hearts by accident. It’s a short month too so keeps those eyes open or you might miss the whole thing.    🙂

Just to reaffirm, the Next GRADING is on Saturday February 15th. If you still want to be in it make sure to show me your stuff in class. There is still time.

Now that the Dojo has a few Green belts (or third Kyu, feel free to check the Glossary in the Student Tools Section) you may start seeing a couple extra assistants at Gradings and in class. Keep your eyes peeled.

At the End of the month we have the Kid’s Nunchuck Seminar! It’s going to be a blast, sign up early if you want your little one to come. I have to make sure everyone has a pair of “Chucks” for the seminar. Click HERE for more details.

Lastly we have this weeks sign. It is one of the single best pieces of advice I have been given in the past few months. The first person to correctly identify the source of the quote will get a set of 3 Bell’s Martial Arts pins! It can be a student or a parent, but you have to tell me in person.

I am deciding what the next adult seminar is going to be. It will happen either at the end of March or early April so if there is anything you want to learn more about make sure to tell me. If I get a lot of requests for a specific subject then I will make sure to have a seminar covering it!!! Just no Board Breaking until the Summer. Lol. I look forward to the week and seeing everyone soon,


February 3rd 2014

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