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News & Weekly Sign

Published on May 13, 2013, by in Blog, News.

To Start Off This Post,

A few reminders.
, Don’t forget that the Dojo will be closed on Monday May 20th for Victoria Day Long Weekend. So if you are coming back from the cottage don’t rush and have a good ride. Lots of BBQ!
#2 Don’t forget the next Grading is on June 1st at 4:00pm, So if you have been aiming for that next belt, the 1st is your target. I will be checking students this week to see who is ready. If you are in it, take pictures and bring friends!
#3 For all the tech savvy folks we are now on foursquare! If you use it you should check in. I will be adding specials!!! Like this one: At the end of each month the Mayor of the Dojo (not the Sensei) will get one free 45 minute private lesson to work on whatever they want with me, Sensei. It will be once a month so make sure you art checking in often. #4 For the new adults, we will be starting to spar next week so if you would like to get in on it, order equipment this week. That way when we start it will be ready and waiting for you. Now on to the weekly sign.

I like this sign a lot. It reminds me of a post from a few weeks back. It was about using thoughts like a magnet to attract what you want in life. This is along the same route. Remember that if you have to believe you can accomplish something, before you physically can. Looking forward to the coming week!


May 7th 2013

May 7th 2013

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