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Summer Is Coming To A Close

Published on July 29, 2015, by in Uncategorized.


Just a quick couple of updates as we start getting shorter days.

This Saturday August the 1st is going to be our next Grading. It is looking like a small group of kids who have been training hard all summer long. As always the Grading will be at 4:00pm so there is no Tai Chi class. Make sure if you are coming to break out those cameras. It’s looking like our next Grading after that will be on September the 12 at 4:00pm. It will be interesting to see who has been keeping up thier training over the break.

We will also be having another Kid’s Nunchuck Seminar. It is going to be at the end of next month of August 29th. It is open to all kids at the Dojo. We have all the details on a separate page. Click HERE to see them.

We will also be hosting an adult seminar on Thursday the 27th of August. There have been a couple of ideas floating around, but it’s looking like a Bo seminar. It’s not in stone so if you have any suggestions please feel free to shoot them my way.

That’s all for now, but expect more updates soon!



Weekly Sign, Upcoming Events

Published on April 13, 2015, by in Blog, News.


I hope everyone is feeling great! The weather certainly helps, so make sure you start spending some time outside over the next few weeks.

The Dojo has a few events coming up fast!

We have our next Grading on April 25th at 4:00pm. It’s looking like a solid Grading with everyone from kids to adults. We even have a few students grading for their Brown Belts of First Kyu. I am truly excited! We may even have a few kids going for Green Belt. For more info on the Grading click HERE to go to the facebook event page.

The week after we have our two Board Breaking Seminars. The first will be for the Adults and Teens of the Dojo, on Thursday April 30th from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. We will host the Kids Board Breaking Seminar on Saturday May 2nd from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. Please take note of the date and times for each Seminar. They are going to be a ton of fun! If you want to bring a guest from out side of the Dojo feel free! Everyone attending can bring one guest for the seminar at no extra cost, and they get two boards to break. For the Adults, we also have concrete slabs to try. A few parents have asked if they can come to the Adults Seminar. For anyone wondering feel free! It’ll be a great night. Click HERE for the link to the seminar info page.

We finally made it to Spring. So enjoy the weather. Here is this week’s sign. Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!!!


April 7th 2015


Board Breaking!

Published on March 23, 2015, by in News.


Hello Everyone,

Just a little heads up, we posted all the info for our next seminar.

Board Breaking is a great way to test your impact and technique. Plus it is a LOT of FUN!!! We will be hosting a Kids Board Breaking Seminar on May 2nd, and an Adult Board Breaking Seminar on April 30th. Click HERE to go to the Info Page on the site. Feel free to call the Dojo or email any questions to Sensei.

We will be posting our next weekly sign and more updates this week. Looking forward to seeing everyone.



FINALLY!!!, Spring Is Here

Published on March 13, 2015, by in Blog, News.


Yes, it has been a while. Like most, the winter has been weighing on me pretty heavily. This has been the coldest recorded February! It was hard to leave the house. But we got through it! The light at the end of the tunnel is right here now.

A quick note before we get started, next week is March break and yes we are open. Classes will continue as usual for those not thinking about opening up the cottage early. If you are taking a break, have a great one, you earned it.

The Dojo will be holding it’s next Grading on Saturday March 28th at 4:00pm. Please be advised we will not be having Tai-Chi Class on Grading days from now on. Please click HERE to go to the facebook page for more details.

In April We will be having two Seminars. One Kids and one Adults. It’s looking like another Board Breaking Seminar!!! Details for the seminar will come later this week,  so keep those eyes peeled for more details in the Dojo and on the site.

We recently had a large group of kids start sparring and I have to say they are looking great. It’s always a bit nerve racking when the little ones start fighting, but they have been showing great heart and amazing control. Keep it up. Other than that, keep an eye on the site. there are going to be a few changes and updates before April.

Here is this week’s sign. The first of many (and regular ones from now on). I haven’t heard this expression for a while, but remember you can’t always fix everything. Sometime you have to know when to call it a day before things get worse. I hope everyone has been having a great year and see everyone this weekend,


March 13th 2015


NEW YEAR IS HERE!!! Hello 2015

Published on January 6, 2015, by in News.

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while, but we are here and it is 2015! Get ready to set some goal for the year!

First, We have some specials one for the New Year. Many have started looking around for something to kick start their resolutions and we are here to help. If you have any friends looking to get more fit make sure to bring them in to try a class. There isn’t a better time!

The Dojo will be hosting a small tournament. The date has changed a few times but it is looking like it will be towards the end of February or early March. Students from the Hombu and from out Dojo will be competing. It is going to be a great day and a great way to test your skills against others. Keep those eyes open for more details as they come.

Of course it has been over a month since our last Grading. The Next Grading for adults and children will be held on January the 24th! Come to class and start working off that turkey weight to get ready for it. Click HERE for all the details.

A note to parents with children changing classes. Make sure to double check the schedule for children’s new class times. There are a lot of kids moving up with the older groups so it is going to be a bit hectic for the next couple of weeks.

I am looking to suggestions for a new Seminar. I am looking for early February so if you have anything you are interested in learning more about let me know sooner than later. I will be finalizing the details in the next few weeks.

Of course, here is our weekly sign. Great simple message… And also some advertising, lol. I can not wait to see everyone this year! Be well and see you soon,


January 5th 2015


New Specials & More!

Published on November 10, 2014, by in Blog, News.

Hello Everyone,

I have to say sorry for not keeping up with our weekly sign and online updates. Rest assured that I will be giving more time to keeping everything in order and up to date. Onward!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Remembrance Day. A student who volunteers at a near by Legion was nice enough to bring a box of poppies to the Dojo. They are the sticker kind which is great for the kids! If you still need to grab one stop  by the club. And don’t forget take a moment of silence tomorrow afternoon.

We are going to be having one last GRADING this year. It will be on November 29th at 4:00pm. I scheduled it a bit early to avoid the Christmas crunch. It’s going to be another big one! Our last Grading on the first was also excellent. The Dojo also has it’s first Blue Belts! If you see them give them a high five and  congratulations. They earned it.

My Sensei and I are going to be hosting a small tournament at the Dojo early next year. It will be near the end of January and will be open for all kids and adults. There will be three different categories: Kata, Sparring and Weapons. We will need some judges, score keepers and assistants for the event. Stay tuned for more details.

To celebrate being open TWO YEARS we are also going to be offering 10 special Black Belt Memberships starting next week until the end of December. I will be posting details today and tomorrow but the BBMs will be for new and current students.

Here is this weeks sign. Always remember there are some things you can’t rush. Take your time if you need to and do it right. Be well and see everyone soon!


November 10th 2014


October, Off & Running

Published on October 6, 2014, by in Blog, News.

Hello everyone,

October is here. The season has begun changing with a vengeance! Break out those light jackets, boots and sweaters if you haven’t already.

Last weekend at the Honbu Dojo, Arsenaults Martial Arts had it’s Junior Black Belt Grading. It was great! There was an amazing group of young people and they all passed. Congratulations to them on years well spent. On the eighteenth of this month, the Honbu is also hosting a Black Belt Grading. Again, I encourage all who want to go for a Black Belt on day to attend. It will be a big one with seven people going for First Degree or Shodan and one woman going for her Third Degree or Sandan. The Dojo will close early on the 18th at 1:45pm, so no adult classes. Click HERE for all the details or ask Sensei at the Dojo.

Monday October 13th is Thanksgiving. Please be aware the Dojo will be closed so have fun, see some people you care about and eat too much food.       🙂

And a quick reminder that October 25th will be the Dojo Halloween Party & Potluck! All the details are HERE but remember there will be no classes, only party! Come on down and help us celebrate being open for our second year!

And here is this weeks sign. Speaks for it’s self. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing everyone soon,


October 6th 2014


Schedule Changes

Published on September 29, 2014, by in News.

Hello again everyone!

Just a quick reminder/update, the Dojos schedule is changing THIS WEEKAs we move ahead I will have new printed schedules. Click HERE to view the new class times. All classes on for the 4-6 Year Olds, the 7-11 Year Olds as well as the Adult Green-Blue Belt Classes will remain the same. It is only the 12-16 Year Olds and Adult White-Orange Belt Classes that have changed. We have also added an Adult Wednesday Afternoon Class to the schedule. For any questions feel free to ask me at the Dojo or give the club a quick call to double check your class time. I look forward to seeing everyone soon,

-SENSEI     🙂



Published on September 24, 2014, by in Blog, News.


This is going to be a BIG POST. There are lots of events and news happening this month and next. So lets dive right in.

This week on Thursday the 25th, tomorrow, we are having our Adult Board Breaking Seminar from 7:45pm – 9:45pm. It’s going to be a ton of fun with everyone doing their best to just their limits. There might even be a few of us breaking some concrete slabs! Everyone there will learn the basics of breaking boards and slabs and a bit of the history of breaking. Looking forward to seeing everyone push themselves. I have some extra boards so if you haven’t signed up tonight is your last chance.

On this Saturday the 27th, we will also be hosting our Kids Board Breaking Seminar from 3:30pm – 5:30pm. Especially for kids, this is a huge thing! Everyone there will learn how to break a board safely, break their first board with me and hopefully make some really cool memories. There are still some extra boards so if you are looking to sign up any little ones today and Saturday morning will be your last chance. Feel free to ask Sensei for more details.

Next month, my Sensei’s Dojo (the Honbu Dojo or head Dojo) will be hosting two Black Belt Gradings. One for kids, the Junior Black Belt Grading on Saturday October 4th at 3:00pm SHARP! The Adult Black Belt Grading will be hosted at Arsenaults Martial Arts on Saturday October 18th also at 3:00pm SHARP! These Gradings will be hosted at Arsenaults Martial Arts in Mississauga. The Dojo will close after the teenage class on Saturday the 4th and 18th at 1:45pm. Adults, that means no Kata Class and no Tai -Chi on those days. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to go for Black Belt to head to one or both of these Gradings. It’s always better to know what you need to do to plan ahead. CLICK HERE for all the information or ask Sensei.

On October 1st the Dojos schedule will be changing slightly. I am still waiting for the new flyers to be shipped to the club but I will be posting the new schedule on the site tomorrow. Please ask Sensei for more details or check the site tomorrow afternoon.

October on the 25th my Uncle Earl will be visiting from Transylvania. So the Dojo will be having a Halloween Party to make him feel more at home. We won’t be having classes that day to celebrate not only Halloween but the Dojos second anniversary. CLICK HERE for all the info or ask Sensei. Start getting those costumes ready!

And of course, here is this weeks sign. It speaks for itself and is something I have to remind myself of every now and then. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing everyone soon.


September 24th 2014


End Of The Summer

Published on August 26, 2014, by in Blog, News.


The end of the Summer is just around the corner,   🙁   Kids are getting ready to head back to school, work is starting to get back to normal, cottages are being packed up and all the last minute vacations are almost over. For all those here and not camping this week, lets have some fun!

We had our last Grading on the 23rd and it was a great one! The kids did great and I was seriously impressed with everyone’s sparring. There are more then a few sluggers coming up. I can’t wait to see how they look in a few years! We also had a few adults in the Grading. I saw a lot of heart and effort from a few people who didn’t think they could it, but they did an amazing job. For everyone in the Grading you should be proud of yourselves. As much as I teach, you are still the ones that have to do it! For all the assistants, thank you! I don’t know if I could do it with out your help. Our next Kyu Belt Grading is going to be on September 20th at 4:00pm. It’s going to be interesting to see who will be ready after vacations, but I have a funny feeling it will be a great one too. Click HERE for more info about the next Grading.

In September we will also be having everyone’s favourite kind of seminar, BOARD BREAKING!!! We will be hosting both a kids and adults seminar on different days. It’s looking like we will have the adults on Thursday the 25th and the kids on Saturday the 27th, but the details are not in stone yet. The sign up sheets and final details will be posted next week. Maybe even a bit earlier.

Also, a reminder that on Monday September 1st the DOJO WILL BE CLOSED for the long weekend. If you are staying in town, than sleep in and have a relaxing day. It’s been a long hard Summer. YOU EARNED IT!!!!

On October 1st the schedule for some classes will be changing. As the students progress we are going to add few classes for senior belt kids, remove a couple of the adult white-orange belt classes that aren’t attended and add a teenage specific class on Saturdays as well as moving the Kata and Tai-Chi classes back an hour. Again this won’t take effect until October 1st. This is just a little heads up. We will have the new schedule up on the site with two weeks as well as having printed schedules in the Dojo for students.

One other reminder that the Dojo I train at, the Hombu Dojo, will be having a Junior Black Belt Grading on October 4th and an Adult Black Belt Grading on October the 18th. For anyone who wants to earn a Black Belt one day, be there! I will post details about it in the Dojo, on the site and on facebook. These are important events for people who have been training for years and is the best way to learn what to expect for your Black Belt Grading one day. Feel free to ask me any questions about these events.

Of course, here is this week’s sign. It’s a fun one that reminds me that achievement is nothing but the right to start something new. Have a wonderful week, for those away or going on a last minute vacation, enjoy and have fun. Can’t wait to see everyone again soon,

-SENSEI     🙂

August 26th 2014