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Weekly Sign, Grading, End Of Summer Approaches

Published on July 29, 2013, by in Blog, News.

Hello once again,

Great week! It really was. We had a small but very strong Grading on the weekend. My Sensei was impressed and proud, both with the little people and the big ones too! We will be having our next Grading on August 24th, so if you missed this one and want a target to aim for, there it is. Make sure to train hard and be ready!

For all the students needing sparring equipment lets order it this week. We are going to be sparring a lot more this month and it is mandatory. Don’t forget, it is for your safety.

As the summer winds down don’t cram so many things into that last month that you don’t get the chance to enjoy any of it. When the summer ends, (especially in Canada), we try and do a lot before it ends, but too much isn’t good. So don’t stress, pick a few things and have fun.

Don’t forget the Dojo will be closed on August 5th for the civic holiday.

Finally this weeks sign. This is a great one. Whether you move at a snails pace or as fast as a rocket the important thing is that you ARE moving. See everyone soon and have a great Monday/Week,


July 29th 2013

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