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Weekly Sign, Grading & Seminar

Published on June 10, 2013, by in Blog, News.

Almost half way through June. Where has the year gone?

As the year keeps creeping along we are getting stronger as a club and the student population is growing. As we move forward we will be doing seminars more frequently. The seminars we will be doing are areas we don’t get to focus on in class, katas from other styles many other topics. Don’t count on a seminar of the same type coming along often as I am going to mix them up. Our next seminar is a Bo Seminar. This seminar will be a great way to get ahead and learn something that normally is not learnt till Green Belt. Check at the Dojo for more details or check out the event page on facebook HERE.

Also, some have been asking when the next Grading will be. It will be on July 27th. Details HERE or ask at the Dojo.

And of course for the weekly sign. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Make sure you’re not one of the ten that let it go unused.


June 10th 2013



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